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Monday, September 1, 2008

Shakira - Fool

I'm the biggest fool in the world XD

Tell me lies Slap me on the face Just improvise
Do something Really clever
That'll make me hate Your name forever

You might swear You'd never Touch a lady
Well, let me say You're not too far From maybe
Every day you find New ways to hurt me

But I can't help it If I'm just a fool
Always having my heart Set on you
'Til the time You start changing The rules
I'll keep chasing The soles of your shoes


Got resigned from Hearing my own story
Every night I'm paying Hell for glory
I'm embarrassed but I'm much more sorry

All this pain begins To feel like pleasure
With my tears You'd make a sea of desert
Salt my wounds And I'll keep Saying thank you

I can't help it baby Fool
I can't help it baby Fool
I can't help it baby Fool
I can't help it baby, baby

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