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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

James Blunt - Carry You Home

BF shared this song in FB 15 mins ago :p

Trouble is her only friend and he's back again
Makes her body older than it really is
She says it's high time she went away
No one's got much to say in this town
Trouble is the only way is down, down, down.

As strong as you were, tender you go
I'm watching you breathing for the last time
A song for your heart, but when it is quiet
I know what it means and I'll carry you home
I'll carry you home

If she had wings she would fly away
And another day God will give her some
Trouble is the only way is down, down, down.

And they were all born pretty in New York City tonight
And someone's little girl was taken from the world tonight
Under the Stars and Stripes

Saturday, February 4, 2012

周華健 - 有沒有一首歌會讓你想起我

Randonly via Facebook: My reporter friend Emil dedicated this song to his friends with the message "Is there a song that reminds you of me"

This song makes me wanna ask boy boy what song will reminds him of me :p

燈熄滅了 月亮是寂寞的眼 靜靜看著 誰孤枕難眠
遠處傳來那首熟悉的歌 那些心聲為何那樣微弱
很久不見 你現在都還好嗎?
你曾說過 你不願一個人 我們都活在這個城市裡面
卻為何沒有再見面 卻只和陌生人擦肩

有沒有那麼一首歌 會讓你輕輕跟著和
牽動我們共同過去 記憶它不會沈默
有沒有那麼一首歌 會讓你心裡記著我
讓妳歡喜也讓妳憂 這麼一個我

最真的夢 你現在還記得嗎 你如今也是一個有故事的人
天空下著一樣冷冷的雨 落在同樣的世界 昨天已越來越遙遠

有沒有那麼一首歌 會讓你輕輕跟著和
隨著我們生命起伏 一起唱的主題歌
有沒有那麼一首歌 會讓你突然想起我
讓你歡喜也讓你憂 這麼一個我

我現在唱的這首歌 若是讓你想起了我
湧上來的若是寂寞 我想知道為甚麼 Oh~~~
有沒有那麼一首歌 會讓你突然想起我
讓你歡喜也讓你憂 這麼一個我

我現在唱的這首歌 就代表我對你訴說
就算日子匆匆過去 我們曾一起走過
我現在唱的這首歌 就代表我對你訴說
就算日子匆匆過去 我們曾走過

Friday, February 3, 2012

Christina Milian - Us Against The World

Randomly via Facebook: My friend Denise Neo dedicated this song to Ian Dao with the message "=D"

First time hearing this song and it's a very strong an energetic spirit.

If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more
I would still have you, baby
If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war
I'll be fighting with you, baby
Cuz I know if I'm falling, you won't let me hit the ground
If the boat is sinking, I know you won't let me drown

No matter what anyone could say
This is the only place for me
And no one could ever take that away
Nothing could come between us

Because it's us against the world
The world, the world
You know it's us against the world
The world, the world, ohh

Now if I'm lost at sea 7 days I'm not alone
If I'm holding you, you, you, you, you
And if it all end's; everybody in the world is gone
I'll be standing with you, baby

And if it's the last breath I take
I'll leave my kiss my with you
If there's a wall between us, baby
I know I'll break through

Nothing's stronger now than you and I
Cuz your love is all I got
And this ain't never gon' stop
No, whoa

There's no distance here when we're apart
Come on in from the cold
Lay your head on my shoulder
Ride like a soldier
I'ma stay right here

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carlo Rino - A Journey To Remember

Randomly via Facebook: My blogger friend Dinoza shared this song with the message Win a RM100 Carlo Rino cash voucher! Details at Carlo Rino Valentine Giveaway!

Too bad I'm not a guy and I am not going to write anything any behalf of my BF. He's totally not the romantic kinna guy but maybe that's why I love him just the way he is :)

So, to the guys out there I wanna say good luck and win a voucher for your beloved GF,wife, mistress, aunt, mom or even sister!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mannan - Amma endrazhaikkaatha - Ilaiyaraaja

via Facebook: My ex-uni mate Shankarganesh Ponnaiah dedicated this song "Amma Yendru Alaikatha Uyir Illaye" which means no living thing in the World would live without saying Amma(Mother) with the message "Love Peace...."

This clearly explain my friend's love for him mom. A very touching songs and I hope that you all will enjoy~ - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!