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Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father

Joshua and Elise stole the first round for Top 6 this week but this particular song is a song that I always wanted to dance with my dad at my wedding ceremony :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alleycats - Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu

Nash sang this song and it hit me hard. Recently 2 of my GFs just past away. If I ever leave first, don't you ever feel sad but remember our happy times. But if you ever leave first, I will definitely be upset. If I go before you, I'll wait for you at the gates of heaven

Andainya aku pergi dulu sebelummu
Janganlah kau bersedih hati
Andainya aku tiada lagi di sisimu
Janganlah kau memencil diri
Bayangkanlah masa-masa bahagia
Semasa engkau dan aku
Bermesra di langit biru
Di waktu kasih berpadu

Andainya engkau pergi dulu sebelumku
Mestikah aku hidup melara
Andainya engkau tiada lagi di sisiku
Mestikah aku kecewa
Ku percaya kau selalu di sisiku
Walaupun jasadmu tiada
Walau di mana kau berada
Kasihku takkan berubah

Di pohon cemara ku ukirkan kata cinta

Bulan tersenyum dan bersinar
Berguguran daun jatuh lembut ke rambutmu
Meraikan suasana indah
Di sini ku berjanji disaksi rembulan
Andainya ku pergi dulu
Jikalau ku pergi dulu
Ku nantimu di pintu syurga

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Petula Clark - Kiss me goodbye

Was requested to sing this 1968 hit. It kinna hit me emotionally with the lyrics :(

We choose it, win or lose it
Love is never quite the same
I love you, now I've lost you
Don't feel bad, you're not to blame

So kiss me goodbye and I'll try not to cry
All the tears in the world won't change your mind
There's someone new and she's waiting for you
Soon your heart will be leaving me behind

Linger awhile, then I'll go with a smile
Like a friend who just happened to call
For the last time pretend you are mine
My darling, kiss me goodbye

I know now I must go now
Though my heart wants me to stay
That girl is your tomorrow
I belong to yesterday

My darling, kiss me goodbye

Saturday, April 7, 2012

丁噹 - 不是你的錯

Sleepless for the 2nd night. Saw Geri shared this song in FB. Makes me wonder why is the always easy for us to take for granted people that are always there for us yet it's hard for us to forget those who doesn't deserve our love?

音乐停止了 引擎熄火了
窒息的温柔 尖锐得赤裸
一刀一刀 往我心上割 往伤口里戳
那么折磨 为了什么

别说你难过 别再安慰我
最烂的理由 是你配不上我
我没有你想像中脆弱 我会好好的
没有什么 罪不可赦

再痛的痛苦泪水 换不回 一点点感动
我不怪你 不是你的错
再深的深情容忍 也不能 让你再爱我
我不怪你 不是你的错

别说你难过 别再安慰我
最烂的理由 是你配不上我
我没有你想像中脆弱 我会好好的
没有什么 罪不可赦

我的世界 没有你 也许更辽阔
就到这里 重来又 如何

Monday, April 2, 2012

WOTE - Somebody That I Use to Know

Not working every Monday night, guess my Monday not gonna be that Blue after all :D

Now and then I think of when we were together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
I told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end
Always the end
So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over

But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I'd done
But I don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know

I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
I used to know
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
I used to know
That I used to know
I used to know
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