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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gingerbread - Roses

A song from the 1985 from Singapore. Thanks to BIG for the sharing. I felt like this is a very sad love song. A song that tell's someone was once important in one's live changed. And a warning sign that the moment of glory is just temporary and will not last forever...

Roses are red but not forever
But then violets are blue some are never
They're all the same
They seem to change

You say your love is forever
But is it fading away like a flower
Colours have changes
you're not the same

Tell me am I supposed to believe in you
When your love for me is never true
You always make me feel for you
like great pretenders do
Tell me how can I believe in you

When you say you'll stay
It never seems that way
You always had another date
To another place
You just go away you never stay

How can I tell you
That you're being so untrue
You'd only drift away
To some distant place
And you will fade away..

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