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Friday, September 5, 2008

John Rich - Like We Never Loved At All

I don't do copy cat but this is a special case. Thank you Jas for sharing this song with me, I almost cried when I first heard it in office this morning. Just that I saw something pop in my facebook update:

Alvin declared String ? = "why i can't have happy memories";

My reply: You've always have them no matter you realize it or not. You might think you don't have cause you've chose to forget about it in times

You never looked so good, As you did last night
Underneath the city lights
There walking with your friend, Laughing at the moon
I swear you looked right through me
But I'm still livin' with your goodbye
And you're just goin' on with your life

How can you just walk on by Without one tear in your eye?
Don't you have the slightest feelings left for me?
Maybe that's just your way Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved at all

You, I hear you're doin' fine, Seems like you're doin' well
As far as I can tell
Time is leaving us behind, Another week has passed
And still I haven't laughed yet
So tell me what your secret is baby
To letting go, letting go like you did

Did you forget the magic?
Did you forget the passion?
Did you ever miss me?
Ever long to kiss me ...

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