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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yuna - Deeper Conversation

J shared this song with me. It's pretty relaxing for a person who is stress going for exam soon. I might need to teach him how to bring this song in the future, we'll see...

Is your favourite colour blue? Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace? Now I'm learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine? Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart? Now I'm learning you

And if you don't mind Can you tell me All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you And in time you will too

Deeper Conversation with me x3
Deeper Conversation, Hoo...

Does ur name rhyme with mine?

1 comment:

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