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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lennon Sisters - Sad Movies Make Me Cry

Suddenly remember this song once I saw Daphne's post on If You're Not The One yesterday. This original version from year 1961 is not easy to track in youtube.

Sad movies always make me cry...

He said he had to work,
So I went to show alone
They turned down the lights
And turned the projector on
And just as the news of the world started to begin
I saw my darling and my (very) best friend walked in

Though I was sitting there they didn't see (me there)
And so they sat right down in front of me
when he kissed her lips I almost died
And in the middle of the color cartoon
I started to cry

Oh, oh, oh, sad movies always make me cry
Oh, oh, oh, sad movies always make me cry

And so I gotta up and slowly walked on home
And MaMa saw the tears and said what's wrong
And so to keep from telling her a lie
I just said sad movies make me cry

Wooh ~~~~ Wooh ~~~~
Sad movies, make me cry.

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